Wayland Dads running for Office

Wayland Town Election – March 28th, 2017


On Tuesday, March 28th Wayland holds their annual Town Elections.  Polls are open from 7am to 8pm. 

Like it or not, Wayland practices a form of local government where our neighbors and fellow residents serve on important Boards and Committees in our representative democracy.  Our elected officials volunteer their time and energy to help shape the well-being of our town. I for one am incredibly thankful for the time, energy and dedication ALL these folks give to my town.

On March 28th we hold our 2017 Town Elections.  Contested or not contested races, we encourage you to take a few minutes out of your Tuesday to participate in the election.  Showing support for the candidates and the process is the first step in shaping our democracy.      

There are many fine candidates running for office on March 28th.  At Wayland Dads, we would like to highlight 3 first time candidates running for elected offices.  I know all three of these candidates very well and am incredibly impressed by their qualifications and passion for our town. 

  • Doug Levine – candidate for Board of Selectman
  • Nate Buffum – candidate for School Committee
  • Chris Fay – candidate for Recreation Commission

Please take a moment to visit the Wayland Dads website to their individual candidate statements.  We have an opportunity to elect three residents who bring an impeccable set of skills to our local government.  I cannot thank them enough for volunteering to help make Wayland a better place.  Scott



Doug Levine - Wayland Board of Selectman

As a proud member of our community and a firm believer in the value of public service, I am honored to submit my candidacy for the Board of Selectmen. My wife, Leah, and I have become involved throughout Wayland and have learned firsthand about the extraordinary community that defines our town. If given the opportunity to serve, I relish the chance to bring my experience and commitment to further our town’s exceptional reputation by ensuring our services and our sense of community remain strong.

I will bring to the Board a career of dedicated service at all levels of government. For more than 15 years, I have served at the federal, state, and local levels, currently as legal counsel at the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety under the last two governors. I also served as an attorney for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Department of Justice, and the Boston Police Department, as well as an Assistant District Attorney for Middlesex County. In town, I have volunteered for the last 18 months on the Economic Development Committee, and have been an active member of the Wayland Children’s and Parents’ Association, and the Wayland Dads’ Group. I want to put my experience as an advocate, community builder, and problem solver to work for Wayland.

With its storied history, beautiful natural surroundings, high caliber schools, and most importantly, its committed and gracious residents, Leah and I couldn’t imagine raising our two young daughters in a more ideal community. I am a product of small town public schools and small town sensibilities, and am proud to offer my daughters the same opportunities I had, and to have them grow up in a town that shares my values.

If entrusted to serve, I will help support the services we count on by, among other things, being accessible to all of you and helping you navigate town government to resolve any issues. I’m also committed to building our sense of community by working with fellow residents to realize the potential of our town center so it may serve as a convening space for all.

I hope to earn your support on March 28th and look forward to meeting many of you in the weeks and months ahead.

Doug Levine

Gray Birch Lane


Nate Buffum - Wayland School Committee

My name is Nathaniel Buffum, and I am excited to be running for a seat on the Wayland School Committee. My family and I moved to Wayland a little over eight years ago, primarily to find a good educational setting for our children. We had heard great things about the Wayland School system and thought our children could thrive in this environment.  

I believe I will add an important voice to the Wayland School Committee. I am an educator, both as a teacher for the past twenty-three years and as an administrator for the past six years. I currently teach history and act as the Head of the Middle School at the Dedham Country Day School, a pre-kindergarten to grade eight independent school in Dedham, Massachusetts. My wife Abigail, a grade nine world history teacher at the Acton/Boxborough Regional High School, and I have a daughter in grade two and a son in grade four at Happy Hollow School. We have witnessed the wonders of their experience in the Wayland school system and are greatly enthusiastic about their future.

The Town of Wayland has many strengths, chief among them is the extraordinary school program that is offered from the earliest years in programs such as The Children’s Way to the dynamic offerings of the Wayland High School. While schools may not be a focus of all of Wayland households, the school system pervades our community and is considered one of our greatest assets. People often move to Wayland primarily for our excellent schools.

I believe it is our duty to provide the best educational environment for the children of Wayland and to create and maintain a school system that will serve the needs of future generations. I am also aware of our fiscal constraints and understand that the purpose of being a member of the School Committee is to listen to every constituent, and when implementing change, be cognizant of how it will affect each resident. As a teacher, I have learned that it is often more important to listen to others than to share my opinion. I will be receptive of the concerns of our citizens and try to balance the varied needs of our townsfolk.

I have observed the direction of the School Committee in recent years and have appreciated their innovation, their strategic long-term view, and their dedication to the needs of the town. I look forward to being a part of a great team and contributing my unique perspective as a parent of elementary-aged children and that of a seasoned educator, both as a teacher and an administrator.

I hope you will give me the chance to serve the Wayland community and will vote for me on Tuesday, March 28. Thank you.

Nathaniel Buffum

16 Castle Gate Road


Chris Fay - Wayland Recreation Comission

I am standing for election for a seat on the Recreation Commission because I am very interested in the role that athletics play in a child’s life, and I am strong believer that quality athletic programs and facilities can greatly benefit our entire community.  In my experience, there isn’t any other institution that equals sports as a setting in which to develop character, work ethic, confidence, humility, leadership, and overall health.  I believe sports provides an endless procession of life lessons that children can take to other areas of their life long after the game’s final play, and studies support that children involved in sports perform better in the classroom, develop longer lasting relationships, communicate better with authority, and are less likely to get involved with drugs and alcohol.

I have been a resident of Wayland for four years, and my children have enjoyed playing the many sports that are offered in our town, including Wayland Little League, Wayland Youth Basketball, and Wayland Youth Soccer.  These leagues and the many other athletic programs throughout our town are made up of great people who graciously volunteer their time and energy for the success of each respective league, as well as the hard work members of Parks & Recreation put forth to provide a diverse schedule of choices for the entire town.

I earned a degree from Gettysburg College in political science.  My background includes coaching college baseball at Newbury College and managing an indoor baseball and softball training center in Natick for 10 years.  I currently work as a trainer and manager for Positive Coaching Alliance; a national non-profit that was founded out of Stanford University.  Our objective is to try and keep kids in the game for as long as possible with the goal of developing better athletes, better people.  Unfortunately, right here in New England over 70% of children quit sports by the age of 13 due to poor experiences; this unfortunately robs them of the many potential benefits that sports can teach them, particularly as they enter those tough teenage years.

I am married to Gina Fay, owner of DanceFIT Studio in Natick and Brookline, who also recognizes the tremendous role that sports can have in our community (and yes, ballet is a sport :).  Our two sons (Joey 7, Tommy 6) attend Happy Hollow and our daughter (Maggie 1) is mastering the art of walking.

If elected, I will support programs and quality facilities that our community deserves, and I look forward to the prospect of serving the town as a member of its Recreation Commission and the tremendous work they have done for our town.

Go Warriors!

Chris Fay