Vote YES on High School Athletic Complex & Turf Field at Loker Recreation Area

April 23rd at the Polls and April 30th at Town Meeting (2nd night)

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What is happening? Wayland is facing a fields crisis.  

  • The High School athletics facility is in disrepair, with the turf at the end of its lifespan.  

  • Later school release times push High School & Middle School practices and games time much later because of darkness. Youth sports will lose practice time and home games!

 What does this mean to me?

  • For high school students, not all teams will have practice times, games will be pushed later and many home games and meets will be cancelled.

  • For youth sports, High School will have priority on WHS and WMS fields - Fields will not be available for youth sports.  Rec Dept estimates losing 1,200 hours of field time.

  • Many School Rankings consider facilities and athletics.  The value of your home, so dependent on the top school rankings we enjoy, could be affected

What will these projects provide?  

  • Article 13 provides a renovated WHS Athletic Complex stadium- track, turf, tennis & basketball courts and softball field.  Athletic facilities were not updated when the new HS was built.

  • Article 15 provides a new turf field with lights at the Loker Conservation Area.

 Why do we need these fields?

Both projects are vital to Wayland School and Youth Sports.  Later school release times mean more teams need lights for practice and games.  High School and Youth Sports need both lit fields for adequate space. Our grass fields are in short supply, already overused, and closed up to 20% of the time due to standing water.  Adding a grass field at Loker does not address needs for a turf field with lights.  A grass field adds 500 hours of playing time/yr- Turf adds 2400!

What happens if the field articles don’t pass?

The loss of the WHS turf combined with the new need for fields with lights will be devastating to Wayland’s strong sports tradition.  Without both Loker Turf and a new WHS turf, WHS Athletics and youth organizations will struggle to have practices and home games.

There will be babysitting at Town Meeting on the first two night. They will be playing a movie in the High School Lecture Hall (2nd Floor South Building)