March 22nd Newsletter

Subject: Breaking News Announcement....Childcare at Town Meeting is now covered  

Holy smokes there's lots going on around Wayland with an important Town Ballot questions next Tue (3/27) and then Town Meeting starting on Mon (4/2).  In this newsletter we highlight the Library, Athletic Fields and Community Center Articles.  Please go vote on Tuesday!  If you aren't around Tuesday, go get an absentee ballot today.

Wayland Dads has details about Movie night babysitting at the High School during Town Meeting.  WHS Boys and Girls Lacrosse teams, Track teams and Tennis teams will chaperone during the first 3 nights.  

We have our last Dad & Kid Drop-In this Saturday (3/24) and a Wayland Dads Poker night Thursday night (3/29).  RSVP for Poker below!

We have a wonderful community in Wayland despite a sub-par library and crappy fields situation.  Please make an effort to attend Town Meeting to work together to fix those problems.


Wayland Dads

What's in this newsletter:

  • Dad's Drop-In this Saturday (3/24)
  • Big News - Town Meeting Movie Night Babysitting (4/2, 4/3 & 4/5) 
  • How to get an absentee ballot for 3/27 election & ballot questions?
  • What you need to know about voting YES on the new library.  
  • Info on the various Athletic Field Articles
  • RSVP for Wayland Dads Poker Night, 3/29.
  • Info on the Council on Aging Community Center

Dad & Kids Drop-In at the Loker Gym
9am - 11am this Saturday morning March 24th

This Saturday is our last Dad &  Kid Drop-in of the season!  You know the drill, for the kids we will open up the Loker gym from 9am - 11am and bring out all the balls, toys and mats. 

For the Dads, not only will we have coffee and bagels, this week we will showcasing the designs for the new library and share other valuable information.   

We would like to thank the committee of Dads who helped run the Dads Drop-ins this year.  The only way we keep this going is if we have Dads step up to help open and close the Drop-ins moving forward.  Contact if you'd like to help out next year.  Thanks!

Town Meeting Movie Night Babysitting
Monday, 4/2 -  Tuesday 4/3 - Thursday, 4/5
Chaperoned by WHS Boys and Girls Lacrosse, Track, and Tennis teams

By now we’ve all received this year’s Annual Town Meeting warrant, and it is a jam-packed booklet filled with 39 articles, many of which have a direct impact on parents with school-aged kids.  The decision to build a new library, fund the different high school athletic renovations, and the turf field at the Loker recreation area highlight what are critical needs for our children and our community.
In my 8 years in Wayland, attendance at Town Meeting has consistently been in the low single digits as a percentage of registered voters.  I’m betting that overall attendance of parents with school-aged kids is even lower.  Between busy schedules and babysitters, it’s not easy to dedicate many hours over multiple nights of Town Meeting.   A critical challenge is that we need two-thirds of the vote to pass many key articles.
Wayland Dads, assisted by several High School athletic teams, are providing volunteer chaperones for onsite movie nights during the first 3 nights of Town Meeting – Monday, April 2nd; Tuesday, April 3rd; and Thursday, April 5th. 
Movies will be shown in the Lecture Hall located on the second floor of the South Building at WHS.  Age recommendation – can your kids sit through a movie?  If so, they are welcome to attend this fun, worthwhile activity.  There is no cost for this event.

Scott Walters

Can't Make it to the Poll on March 27th - fill out an Absentee ballot this week!!!

If you can't make it to the polls on Tuesday, March 27th, cast your ballot early using an absentee ballot.  They are available now at the Town Building.  It's really easy.  Go to Town Bldg and vote at the Town Clerk office (1st floor).  Takes 15 minutes.  It's straight forward process where we vote for candidates and answer the 3 ballot question.  You can do this through Mar 26th.

Vote Yes on the New Library

Wayland has been granted a one time chance to capitalize on a 10 million dollar state grant toward building a new library.  In order to take advantage of this opportunity, the Town needs to vote YES onBOTH the upcoming ballot on March 27th and at the second night of Annual Town Meeting, April 3rd. 
Mark your calendars:

  • Vote YES on Question 1 at the ballot box on Tuesday, March 27th (must pass this vote to move on to Town Meeting) 


  • Then Vote YES on Article 17 at the 2nd night of Annual Town Meeting on Tuesday, April 3rd.  We need a 2/3 majority.   

Here are some reasons why we support the new library: 


  • It's a onetime chance to take advantage of $10 million dollar state grant:  If we fail to vote YES now, we lose it.  
  • It is time to move Wayland into the 21st Century:  It's not just a library, it's designed to meet the needs of everyone in our community – from the smallest children to teens and adults of all ages.   
  • The current library is too small and can’t be meaningfully expanded:  We love the beauty of our existing historic library building but we’ve done the best we can with it for library purposes.  Unfortunately, the limited footprint around the building, state and local environmental restrictions, and inability to add much-needed parking simply prevent changes to the current site from being a smart long-term choice. 
  • Libraries are more than books:  A library is a place for a community that values education and community to come together for connecting, innovating, and furthering our town’s commitment to excellence.
  • Library and new athletic fields are really mutually exclusive - the Wayland portion of the library funding is back loaded so the States funds kick in for the first 2-3 years while the Town potentially will be funding the HS & Loker Field projects. 

Get More Information:

Important Ballot question and Athletic Field Articles
at Town Meeting

On Tuesday's Town Ballot, there is a Debt Exclusion Ballot question (#3) related to High School Fields.  A YES vote is vitally important as this would allow the field projects to be paid for with bonds.

Thursday, April 5th - At Town Meeting there are 4 consecutive articles related to Wayland's athletic fields.  Articles #25, #26 & #27 are the High School athletic complex and then article #28 is about construction of a field at the Loker Conservation and Recreation Area.

The way the Board of Selectman have planned Town Meeting, the athletic field articles will come up early in the agenda on Thursday, 4/5.

Wayland Dads Poker Night
March 29th, 8pm


We thought we'd sneak in little poker night before Town Meeting and before the upcoming Boston Marathon.  Naturally, we will be discussing Town politics and the all hot button Articles.  

Please RSVP here for the Poker night and we'll send you all the details.

We also wanted to raise some money for Jason Taunton-Rigby and his wife Kate and in their efforts running the Boston Marathon for the 10th year in support of their patient partner, Tyler.  Some of the poker night's proceeds will go to JTR's running efforts.  Click here to read more about JTR & Kate's amazing efforts and please consider supporting them.

Article #20 New Community Center

If you have ever been in the senior center in the Town Building, you understand it's not great.  The Council on Aging has a solid plan in place in Article #20 to reuse old Raytheon building in Town Center as community center.  Read on for more details.

Benefits to Wayland Residents:
- Expands our Council on Aging to serve Wayland’s seniors
- Creates rooms for indoor Recreation Department activities
- Makes space for art classes, programs, & displays
- Provides an indoor play area for young children
- Creates a place for Veteran’s Services
- Allows displays of Historic Commission collections
What we love about this plan:
- Use of energy efficient “Green” building design
- Creating a multi-purpose room & kitchen for big gatherings
- Better integration of Senior services into the community
- Re-using an existing building is ”greener” and saves $$
- A future generation of Waylanders can add space if they wish




About Us

The Wayland Dads Group is a community-building program for dads and their children and a great way for families to meet other families in the community. Its cornerstone activity is the Saturday morning Drop-In where dads and kids meet on alternate Saturdays of each month during the school year.


*    Fun with our kids through planned activities - Saturday drop ins and trips

*    Give dads an easy, fun option for their kids on a Saturday morning

*    Building a sense of community among kids and fathers

*    Giving moms a break!  (And scoring points)

*    Make it through winter without going stir crazy

What:  Bi-weekly Drop in Plays

Where:   Loker school gym 

When:  Alternating Saturday mornings throughout the school year starting after Thanksgiving.

Thanks for your support!

Scott and Tyler


Wayland Dad's Group

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