"Jack is back ... leading the pack of Bleacher Creatures on April 7th for the 2016 ATM Town Circus"

Our town ... your money!  If you don't show up ... other people decide how your money is spent.   If you haven't noticed ... Taxes are at the 'high water mark' compared to most towns.   Do we get the services and facilities that other towns have with lower tax brackets?  You would be surprised.  If you have children in the School system you might want to show up.   Wayland is in the top 10 highest ranked schools systems in the state .... but not for long!  Come see what the buzz is about.   You will never miss another town meeting!   They are bizarrely fascinating!


Come get your picture taken without your consent!  Come sit next to people who enjoy video taping your every move during town meeting hoping they catch you doing something illegal so you can be thrown in jail!

Hear from folks like "Duck Boots" and "Love Canal"!    You will laugh, you will scratch your head, you will be entertained and you will be shocked at the 'theater' that goes on.  The choreography is masterful.  It's a cross between theater, cage fighting and listening to someone read a National Enquirers story on extra-terrestrials!  After 17 hours of watching clowns run around the 'big tent' hitting each other with rubber chickens, you try to leave but the minute you stand up ... something pulls you back down for another hour of'umpa lumpa' music.

Jack is back so let's rock the vote!  Don't forget to bring the kids!  Door prizes and pizza for everyone.   Most whacked out PJ's gets a trophy.  Parents can play too!!