March 22nd Newsletter

Subject: Breaking News Announcement....Childcare at Town Meeting is now covered  

Holy smokes there's lots going on around Wayland with an important Town Ballot questions next Tue (3/27) and then Town Meeting starting on Mon (4/2).  In this newsletter we highlight the Library, Athletic Fields and Community Center Articles.  Please go vote on Tuesday!  If you aren't around Tuesday, go get an absentee ballot today.

Wayland Dads has details about Movie night babysitting at the High School during Town Meeting.  WHS Boys and Girls Lacrosse teams, Track teams and Tennis teams will chaperone during the first 3 nights.  

We have our last Dad & Kid Drop-In this Saturday (3/24) and a Wayland Dads Poker night Thursday night (3/29).  RSVP for Poker below!

We have a wonderful community in Wayland despite a sub-par library and crappy fields situation.  Please make an effort to attend Town Meeting to work together to fix those problems.


Wayland Dads

What's in this newsletter:

  • Dad's Drop-In this Saturday (3/24)
  • Big News - Town Meeting Movie Night Babysitting (4/2, 4/3 & 4/5) 
  • How to get an absentee ballot for 3/27 election & ballot questions?
  • What you need to know about voting YES on the new library.  
  • Info on the various Athletic Field Articles
  • RSVP for Wayland Dads Poker Night, 3/29.
  • Info on the Council on Aging Community Center

Dad & Kids Drop-In at the Loker Gym
9am - 11am this Saturday morning March 24th

This Saturday is our last Dad &  Kid Drop-in of the season!  You know the drill, for the kids we will open up the Loker gym from 9am - 11am and bring out all the balls, toys and mats. 

For the Dads, not only will we have coffee and bagels, this week we will showcasing the designs for the new library and share other valuable information.   

We would like to thank the committee of Dads who helped run the Dads Drop-ins this year.  The only way we keep this going is if we have Dads step up to help open and close the Drop-ins moving forward.  Contact if you'd like to help out next year.  Thanks!

Town Meeting Movie Night Babysitting
Monday, 4/2 -  Tuesday 4/3 - Thursday, 4/5
Chaperoned by WHS Boys and Girls Lacrosse, Track, and Tennis teams

By now we’ve all received this year’s Annual Town Meeting warrant, and it is a jam-packed booklet filled with 39 articles, many of which have a direct impact on parents with school-aged kids.  The decision to build a new library, fund the different high school athletic renovations, and the turf field at the Loker recreation area highlight what are critical needs for our children and our community.
In my 8 years in Wayland, attendance at Town Meeting has consistently been in the low single digits as a percentage of registered voters.  I’m betting that overall attendance of parents with school-aged kids is even lower.  Between busy schedules and babysitters, it’s not easy to dedicate many hours over multiple nights of Town Meeting.   A critical challenge is that we need two-thirds of the vote to pass many key articles.
Wayland Dads, assisted by several High School athletic teams, are providing volunteer chaperones for onsite movie nights during the first 3 nights of Town Meeting – Monday, April 2nd; Tuesday, April 3rd; and Thursday, April 5th. 
Movies will be shown in the Lecture Hall located on the second floor of the South Building at WHS.  Age recommendation – can your kids sit through a movie?  If so, they are welcome to attend this fun, worthwhile activity.  There is no cost for this event.

Scott Walters

Can't Make it to the Poll on March 27th - fill out an Absentee ballot this week!!!

If you can't make it to the polls on Tuesday, March 27th, cast your ballot early using an absentee ballot.  They are available now at the Town Building.  It's really easy.  Go to Town Bldg and vote at the Town Clerk office (1st floor).  Takes 15 minutes.  It's straight forward process where we vote for candidates and answer the 3 ballot question.  You can do this through Mar 26th.

Vote Yes on the New Library

Wayland has been granted a one time chance to capitalize on a 10 million dollar state grant toward building a new library.  In order to take advantage of this opportunity, the Town needs to vote YES onBOTH the upcoming ballot on March 27th and at the second night of Annual Town Meeting, April 3rd. 
Mark your calendars:

  • Vote YES on Question 1 at the ballot box on Tuesday, March 27th (must pass this vote to move on to Town Meeting) 


  • Then Vote YES on Article 17 at the 2nd night of Annual Town Meeting on Tuesday, April 3rd.  We need a 2/3 majority.   

Here are some reasons why we support the new library: 


  • It's a onetime chance to take advantage of $10 million dollar state grant:  If we fail to vote YES now, we lose it.  
  • It is time to move Wayland into the 21st Century:  It's not just a library, it's designed to meet the needs of everyone in our community – from the smallest children to teens and adults of all ages.   
  • The current library is too small and can’t be meaningfully expanded:  We love the beauty of our existing historic library building but we’ve done the best we can with it for library purposes.  Unfortunately, the limited footprint around the building, state and local environmental restrictions, and inability to add much-needed parking simply prevent changes to the current site from being a smart long-term choice. 
  • Libraries are more than books:  A library is a place for a community that values education and community to come together for connecting, innovating, and furthering our town’s commitment to excellence.
  • Library and new athletic fields are really mutually exclusive - the Wayland portion of the library funding is back loaded so the States funds kick in for the first 2-3 years while the Town potentially will be funding the HS & Loker Field projects. 

Get More Information:

Important Ballot question and Athletic Field Articles
at Town Meeting

On Tuesday's Town Ballot, there is a Debt Exclusion Ballot question (#3) related to High School Fields.  A YES vote is vitally important as this would allow the field projects to be paid for with bonds.

Thursday, April 5th - At Town Meeting there are 4 consecutive articles related to Wayland's athletic fields.  Articles #25, #26 & #27 are the High School athletic complex and then article #28 is about construction of a field at the Loker Conservation and Recreation Area.

The way the Board of Selectman have planned Town Meeting, the athletic field articles will come up early in the agenda on Thursday, 4/5.

Wayland Dads Poker Night
March 29th, 8pm


We thought we'd sneak in little poker night before Town Meeting and before the upcoming Boston Marathon.  Naturally, we will be discussing Town politics and the all hot button Articles.  

Please RSVP here for the Poker night and we'll send you all the details.

We also wanted to raise some money for Jason Taunton-Rigby and his wife Kate and in their efforts running the Boston Marathon for the 10th year in support of their patient partner, Tyler.  Some of the poker night's proceeds will go to JTR's running efforts.  Click here to read more about JTR & Kate's amazing efforts and please consider supporting them.

Article #20 New Community Center

If you have ever been in the senior center in the Town Building, you understand it's not great.  The Council on Aging has a solid plan in place in Article #20 to reuse old Raytheon building in Town Center as community center.  Read on for more details.

Benefits to Wayland Residents:
- Expands our Council on Aging to serve Wayland’s seniors
- Creates rooms for indoor Recreation Department activities
- Makes space for art classes, programs, & displays
- Provides an indoor play area for young children
- Creates a place for Veteran’s Services
- Allows displays of Historic Commission collections
What we love about this plan:
- Use of energy efficient “Green” building design
- Creating a multi-purpose room & kitchen for big gatherings
- Better integration of Senior services into the community
- Re-using an existing building is ”greener” and saves $$
- A future generation of Waylanders can add space if they wish




About Us

The Wayland Dads Group is a community-building program for dads and their children and a great way for families to meet other families in the community. Its cornerstone activity is the Saturday morning Drop-In where dads and kids meet on alternate Saturdays of each month during the school year.


*    Fun with our kids through planned activities - Saturday drop ins and trips

*    Give dads an easy, fun option for their kids on a Saturday morning

*    Building a sense of community among kids and fathers

*    Giving moms a break!  (And scoring points)

*    Make it through winter without going stir crazy

What:  Bi-weekly Drop in Plays

Where:   Loker school gym 

When:  Alternating Saturday mornings throughout the school year starting after Thanksgiving.

Thanks for your support!

Scott and Tyler


Wayland Dad's Group

Wayland, Massachusetts 01778

Create a new Community Center! Town Meeting – April 3 Article 20

Create a new Community Center! Come to Spring Town Meeting –April 3 Article 20 will fund a plan to remodel a building on land given to the Town of Wayland.

Benefits to Wayland Residents:

- Serves unmet Community needs: space for residents of ‘all seasons of life’

- Expands our Council on Aging to serve Wayland’s seniors

- Creates rooms for indoor Recreation Department activities

- Attractive locale for art classes, programs, meetings, events & displays

- Provides an indoor play area for young children

- Creates a place for Veteran’s Services

- Allows displays of Historic Commission collections

- Convenient location for town residents

What’s to like about this plan?

> Use of energy efficient “Green” building design Provides a multi-purpose room & kitchen for large gatherings

> Better integration of a range of age groups in the community

> Re-using an existing building is ”greener” and saves $$ Opportunity to explore grants to offset subsequent building costs

Screenshot 2018-03-24 at 6.37.34 PM.png

Childcare for Town Meeting on April 2nd-3rd

Wayland Dads is coordinating babysitting for the Sunday (April 2nd) afternoon session and Monday (April 3rd) evening session of Town Meeting.  Babysitting will be located inside the High School and will be administered by multiple BASE teachers and High School students. 

There will be games, activities and movies for the kids.  Costs are ridiculously low per child - $20 for Sunday and $10 for Monday (discounts for multiple kids). 

Here’s the link for more information and the way to claim one of these limited sports -  If you can get babysitting on your own, please still make an effort to attend our Town Meeting and help shape the future of our town.

"Jack is back ... leading the pack of Bleacher Creatures on April 7th for the 2016 ATM Town Circus"

Our town ... your money!  If you don't show up ... other people decide how your money is spent.   If you haven't noticed ... Taxes are at the 'high water mark' compared to most towns.   Do we get the services and facilities that other towns have with lower tax brackets?  You would be surprised.  If you have children in the School system you might want to show up.   Wayland is in the top 10 highest ranked schools systems in the state .... but not for long!  Come see what the buzz is about.   You will never miss another town meeting!   They are bizarrely fascinating!


Come get your picture taken without your consent!  Come sit next to people who enjoy video taping your every move during town meeting hoping they catch you doing something illegal so you can be thrown in jail!

Hear from folks like "Duck Boots" and "Love Canal"!    You will laugh, you will scratch your head, you will be entertained and you will be shocked at the 'theater' that goes on.  The choreography is masterful.  It's a cross between theater, cage fighting and listening to someone read a National Enquirers story on extra-terrestrials!  After 17 hours of watching clowns run around the 'big tent' hitting each other with rubber chickens, you try to leave but the minute you stand up ... something pulls you back down for another hour of'umpa lumpa' music.

Jack is back so let's rock the vote!  Don't forget to bring the kids!  Door prizes and pizza for everyone.   Most whacked out PJ's gets a trophy.  Parents can play too!!

"WCPA NFL Kick-Off Guys Night!"

"WCPA NFL Kick-Off Guys Night!"

Guys' Night Out!! Kick-off the new school year and the NFL season opener (Pats vs Steelers) this Thursday, September 10 at 7:30 p.m.

Appetizers will be served compliments of the WCPA.

More info below and registration @   |   facebook    |    twitter @WaylandDads

"WCPA NFL Kick-Off Guys Night"

This is a members only event.  Once you have registered we will send you the venue information.  If you are not a member and register for this event we can sign you up to become a member of the WCPA. A $45 membership gets you plugged into a year packed with fun for the whole family.

Link below to register and add to calendar

Wayland Dads - September Newsletter


Welcome back to school Wayland! With school starting, Fall schedules and activities are kicking into high gear. Wayland Dads are excited to announce the launch of our first web site and the all-important calendar section. We will be reaching out for your support in the coming weeks and look forward to a ton of fun activities.

As always, if you have any ideas and feedback, we would like to hear from you.


Wayland Dads "Pay-it-forward"

We are kicking off the school year in partnership with two awesome community service organizations - Neighbor Brigade and Cradles to Crayons.

Wayland Dads is proud to support the "Bring Change" campaign. Moms, Dads and Kids bring your spare change to TD Bank's Penny Arcade to support the Wayland Neighbor Brigade and get a lollipop. This upcoming "Green Friday" TD will match up to $2,000 in coins counted and donate it to Neighbor Brigade.

Friday, Sept. 11 - Coin Counting @ TD Bank Main Street Wayland from 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

     Read more ...

Wayland Dads in partnership with Cradles to Crayons is supporting a multi-site "Clothing & Toys, Books and Shoe Drive" through the month of September.

"Take some time to clean out those closets with your kids and teach them the importance of goodwill and good service. Every good deed counts!'

We are accepting donations of gently used children’s clothing, toys, footwear & books at 4 town-wide events. We’ll have a Wayland Dads tent at those events collecting donations.

September Events and Locations with our community partners:

Sat, Sept 12 – WAYS Kickoff Party @ high school (3:30 – 5pm)
Sat, Sept 12 – WCPA Beach Party @ town beach (4:30pm – 6pm).
Sun, Sept 13 – Cub Scout Open House @ town beach (2pm – 3pm)
Sat, Sept 19 - Wayland Community Art Fair @ Town Building Parking lot  (11am – 5pm).

    Read more ...

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support!

FALL 2015 WAYS Kickoff Party

When – Saturday, September 12, 2015 – 3:30pm – 7pm Where – Wayland High School Outdoor Turf Soccer Field Who – All WAYS players, coaches and family members

In support of WAYS and the many kids and dads that support this amazing organization the Wayland Dads is proud to support the Annual Soccer Kickoff Party. This is a 3v3 tournament for all WAYS players, this year includes more players and grades. Lots of fun stuff inclluding auctions, raffles, food and bubble soccer for adults!

Add to Calendar ... On Saturday, Sept 19th, Arts Wayland is pulling together the first ever Wayland Community Art Fair. This is a collaboration of many, many local groups organized by Arts Wayland.

The goal is to showcase the richness and diversity of Wayland’s culture, music, and arts, with a wide range of creative activities appealing to all ages. It is a community event, celebrating the uniquely human ability to create an environment that evokes an emotional response from others in the community and encourages them to participate in the experience.

They have more than 30 acts, performers and artists. We encourage everybody to bring your families out for this community event. Wayland Dads will be collecting clothing, toy, and book donations for Cradles to Crayons.

Add to Calendar ...

The Cochituate Breakfast Club – Mel’s Commonwealth Cafe Calling all Wayland dads! Come be a part of a long-standing Wayland tradition by joining other fellow dads and kids for breakfast at Mel's Commonwealth Cafe. Dads and sons meet the 1st Wednesday of the month and Dads and daughters the 3rd Wednesday.

We get together at 7:15am at Mel's for a full buffet breakfast, great conversation with other dads and their kids, and weekly raffle prizes for the kids. Open to all dads and kids in K-5th grade. No need to sign up. Just show up and enjoy the company. We hope to see you there!

Read more ...

Register TODAY for Fall Baseball!

Registration is now open for the Wayland Baseball and Softball Association's Fall baseball program. Great for experienced and beginner players alike, teams are now being formed for Minors (grades 3-4), Majors (grades 5-6) and Babe Ruth (grades 7-8). The six week program starts on September 13th with games played Sunday afternoons so be sure to register today!

To register or learn more, visit Congratulations Cochituate Crushers for winning the Wayland Men’s 2015 Softball League In a hard fought game with Ye Olde Master Batters, the Cochituate Crushers held on to win. It was a game where the lead went back and forth several times. All around great fielding and big hits from both teams showed why they were in the finals. In the end, the Crushers retained their Spring/Summer softball title winning for the second year in a row. Congratulations!!!

The new Fall season starts on Sept 13th.

Read more and register for 2015 Fall Season ... About Us

The Wayland Dads Group is a community-building program for dads and their children and a great way for families to meet other families in the community. Its cornerstone activity is the Saturday morning Drop-In where dads and kids meet on alternate Saturdays of each month during the school year.


  • Fun with our kids through planned activities - Saturday drop ins and trips

  • Give dads an easy, fun option for their kids on a Saturday morning

  • Building a sense of community among kids and fathers

  • Giving moms a break! (And scoring points)

  • Make it through winter without going stir crazy

What: Bi-weekly Drop in Plays Where: Loker school gym When: Alternating Saturday mornings throughout the school year starting after Thanksgiving.

Thanks for your support!

Scott and Tyler

Wayland Dad's Group (under construction) Wayland, Massachusetts 01778

Wayland Dads open for Biness!

Welcome back to school and welcome to the new site.   Hope ya'll had a great summa!

We will continue to send out the newsletter to keep folks plugged in and up to date ... but will be pointing everyone back to this site for more detailed information.

We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events, sports, activities and school open houses and to catch up!


May Newsletter

May Newsletter Busy times in Wayland.

Not only does Wayland Dads have a new, much cleaner newsletter format, but we are slimming down the amount of content in each newsletter to share more timely content.

We will soon be debuting a Wayland Dads web site for more content/updates. We look forward to seeing you around town.


Wayland Dads Group (

wicked awesome

** Pizza Dinner @ K-2nd Grade Baseball Practice Thursday, May 28th ------------------------------------------------------------

With WBSA K - 2nd grade baseball season off to a fantastic start, the Wayland Dads thought we'd help coordinate a pizza dinner on Thursday May 28th before and during practice. We will have pizza, salad, watermelon & drinks available from 5:30 for the boys in-time for practice. This is open to the whole family! Cost is $2 per slice and that include salad, watermelon, juice/water. In order to have a the right amount of food & drink, please complete the following survey if you plan to attend (complete it onetime either through this the Wayland Dads newsletter or the note sent out via WBSA email). RSVP: If you have questions and/or would like to help us email ( . **


Saturday Drop-in @ Hannah Williams Playground ------------------------------------------------------------

Now that the weather is finally here let's get outside and run around. We know that spring sports schedules for the older kids will kick into high gear but if you are around and looking for some outdoor fun ... swing by Hannah Williams. Time 10am - 2pm. P.S. BYO Snacks and Water!