Save the Date - Wayland Town Meeting April 2,3,5 & 6

As entertaining as the Oscars were this year .... nothing can beat the excitement of a good Town Meeting.  We have trophies for: Best Stall Tactic, Most Confusing Amendment, Best Fake Research Report and the coveted "Duck Boot Award!"   Anyone who can produce verifiable references to the use of the words "Love Canal" during the show will receive a free "Bleacher Creature" T-Shirt and a $100 Target gift card.

Bleacher Creature participation strongly encouraged .... Selfies, Tweets and rigorous texting are mandatory!  

Yes, it’s that time of the year again….Spring Town Meeting!!!  It’s not too early to start thinking about planning ahead to attend this spellbinding annual activity.  In all seriousness, no matter what the issues are up for vote, it’s important we ALL participate!

Save the following dates:

  • Sunday, April 2nd (during the afternoon)

  • Monday, April 3rd

  • Wednesday, April 5th (if necessary)

  • Thursday, April 6th (if necessary)

We are still working out the details where we offer child care during the town meeting in the High School.  We'll keep you posted.

The Warrant hasn't been published yet but we will add articles of interest with summaries below.


Background on Articles from the Wayland Dads Editors (TBD)






Special Town Meeting November 15, 2016

On Tue, Nov 15 Wayland holds a special Town Meeting in the High School Field House.  Click here for the Town web site, the Warrant and a description of all the Articles.

Attendance at Town Meeting is usually very low (less than 3% of eligible voters???).  This is an involvement we can't accept.  Wayland Dads encourages all members of the community to attend Town Meeting and help shape the future of our community.

Background on Articles from the Wayland Dads Editors

To help better understand what Articles will be covered at the Nov 15th Special Town Meeting, several Wayland Dads got together, reviewed the Warrant and wrote up high-level, succinct unbiased description of the 12 articles.  Where ever possible we have used the words and descriptions in the Warrant.  With all due respect, at the end of each description, we have made our own recommendation on which way to vote with the mindset of a parent with kids in local schools.      

Article 1:  Municipal Field Irrigation - will change the bylaw to allow irrigation of municipal fields up to 15,000 sq ft using prudent water conservation practices.  All systems will still have to be reviewed by the Board of Public Works prior to installation.  There are 7 existing fields of this size.  Board of Public Works, Recreation and Board of Selectmen all support this Article.  Majority vote to pass.    Vote – yes. We need to invest in the few fields we have in Town.

Article 2:  Amend Town Code to Allow Town Counsel to Participate - passage will add Town Counsel to the list of nonresident town officials who can answer questions at town meeting.  Right now, we need to vote each time we ask to hear from Town Counsel.  This article would eliminate the need for the vote.  The Board of Selectmen inserted this article to continue the efforts to make town meeting more efficient and businesslike.  Majority vote to pass.  Vote – yes.  This will make Town meetings more efficient. 

Article 3:  Landscaping in Parking Areas - this Planning Board article sets clear and consistent language for business district parking lots that abut residential land.  It sets a minimum ten foot buffer to provide better visual and noise screening to residential properties.  This amendment addresses properties that are developed going forward and does not impact existing parking areas.  2/3 vote to pass.  Vote – yes.  This is a no brainer as it’s for new building projects. 

Article 4:  Conservation Cluster Developments - this Planning Board article revises the bylaw with mostly housekeeping items to clarify certain provisions or provide internal consistency.  The substantive changes are outlined in the warrant and include requiring more “upland” within the common area, increasing setbacks from the perimeter and strengthening the language on conveying the open land to the town.  2/3 vote to pass.  Vote - yes.  Sounds like solid housekeeping that should clean things up for planning board.

Article 5:  Leave Civil Service - this Board of Selectmen article allows the Selectmen to petition the state to remove all Police personnel from Civil Service.  The write-up starting on page 15 of the warrant provides lots of good information.  Majority vote to pass.  Vote – Yes.  Gives the Town and Chief of Police more flexibility in hiring.  Too much information to write here, but the Warrant goes into great detail on the subject.

Article 6:  Mainstone Farm - we need to revote certain language on the Mainstone Farm annual town meeting vote in order to be eligible for and receive an anticipated state grant.  There is no change to the article voted in the spring; however, we need to vote the full $15 million purchase price in order to be eligible for grant proceeds.  We hope to receive a grant of $400,000.  Majority vote to pass. Vote – Yes.  This was passed during the Spring and this revision allows the Town to get all the state funds we are due.

Article 7:  Eliminate Funding for Stonebridge Water Access Road - this petitioners’ (town resident) article seeks to remove funding for a capital item approved at annual town meeting this past spring.  Vote – not really sure we have an opinion on this topic as none of us live in the immediate area.

Article 8:  Purchase 107 Old Sudbury Road for Water Resource Protection - this Board of Public Works article seeks authorization and appropriation to purchase this property to protect our existing water wells.  The $500,000 purchase price will be paid with Water Department proceeds and not taxes.  2/3 vote to pass because it is a borrowing.  Vote – Yes.  Sounds like the right thing to do.

Article 9:  Purchase 8 Glezen Lane for Water Resource Protection - the Board of Public Works voted to pass over this article.  We read that the Board of Public Works voted to pass over this article. 

Article 10:  Assisted/Independent Living and Nursing Home Zoning - this Planning Board article prohibits Assisted/Independent and Nursing Homes in residential districts.  2/3 vote to pass.  Vote – another Article where we didn’t have strong opinions.  Likely vote no as putting Assisted Living Homes in residential areas doesn’t make a ton of sense.

Article 11:  Home Occupation Zoning - this Planning Board article modernizes the existing home occupation provisions.  The write-up starting on page 30 of the warrant provides lots of good information.  2/3 vote to pass.  Vote – Not sure, I don’t have a dog in this race.

Article 12:  Town Wide Recreation Facilities Strategic Plan - this Recreation article appropriates $60,000 from the existing Recreation stabilization fund to develop a plan for a specific approach and timeline for implementing recreation facility improvements.  2/3 vote to pass.  Vote – Yes.  While we have seen a number of Recreation lead studies in the past, we are told this is a comprehensive study encompassing other studies.

Article 13:  Pay Previous Bills - this article will be presented under the Abbreviated Presentation Procedure.  It allows payment of bills totaling $900 from last fiscal year.  9/10 to pass.  Vote - Yes sounds like responsible house keeping