What we do

The Wayland Dads Group is a community-building program for dads, their children and is a great way for families to meet other families in the community and to get plugged into the town culture and activities.

This video is a pretty much a typical weekend in Wayland for a lot of us dads and kids.  We couldn't get everything in a single video so it's just a random sample of the stuff we like to do.

Our cornerstone activity is the Saturday morning Drop-In Play where dads and kids meet on alternate Saturdays of each month during the school year starting after Thanksgiving.

Wayland is a fun place to raise a family ... lots to do on weekends.  Mountains and ocean are near by.   The video above is a sampling of some of the fun things to do around town with your family. 

From there we host, promote and sponsor dozens of different activities and events around town with a variety of organizations in town and in Boston.   From cub scouts and poker to paintball and community service the Wayland Dads group is about Kids and Dads having fun!

*    Fun with our kids through planned activities - Saturday drop ins and trips
*    Give dads an easy, fun option for their kids on a Saturday morning
*    Building a sense of community among kids and fathers
*    Giving moms a break!  (And scoring points)
*    Make it through winter without going stir crazy

Our core values are to be the best dads that we can be to our kids and to have fun.  In doing so we meet other Dads and share information and create events that enable us to make the community stronger and create opportunities to spend quality time with our kids and families.